Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Rag Shop going out of business sale....

So, impromptu idea of heading to NJ and visiting Amy (awesome lass). Initially, it was to assist her in the elliptical pre purchase review. And, for further enticement, Amy threw in that there is a mega discount on fabrics and equipment at The Rag Shop (It's still going on? She's been telling me this for weeeeeeks.)

Last night, I went out w E (blog) for a drink (both of us) and some food (mostly me). We ended up here.
  • Really yummy dirty martinis
  • I had a toro appetizer. 6 pieces of sashimi with a slice of jalapeno, a slice of green olive... yummers!!! Sorry! No pic.
Back to NJ - I'll post up what is purchased from today's excursion.

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