Monday, August 13, 2007

Communist Weekend 2007 (geneseo kids)

I think this picture says it all (minus a few other commies that I will post pics of below). A little booze, a lot silly, and quite a bit of ribaldry.

We didn't get to eat at Sticky Lips (what a name!) and instead patroned Dinosaur BBQ (not the original in Syracuse, but 2nd location in Rochester, or The Roc, according to the friendly TSA guy taking our check in baggage from Jet Blue).

But, this is really how our stay in The Roc or Ro-cha-cha began. In the restroom, upon arrival, bearing witness to ourselves after a 2+ hr delay on the tarmac at JFK.

The Highland Diner fare... amazing mac n cheese... no milk pitcher, just cream pre rationed. You can see what we think about that.

And then we hit Jo-Ann Fabrics in Henrietta. Wowsers. Even Jason got excited over crafts! That's right bitches!! *clink* To kicking Mark's ass in billiards!


wheresmyscissors said...

2 hour delay! ouch! And you guys went to Joann's... what did you get? :) This crafting thing is addictive isn't it?

Shimbi said...

It sure is addictive... but, again... I am having some motivational issues with execution. :P

Tomorrow I hope to post images of my purchases from Jo-Ann's!! Yippee!!!