Sunday, August 5, 2007

Fidri is a mysterious meat

((this guy is meat))

meat loves all foods

pizza. carrots. potato chips. rice. broccoli.

but he just cannot have them - it's not in the cards for him

meat is 15 years old - shoots up twice daily
((meat's days are numbered))

sometimes i feel like this...when cleaning the litter or the floor because he forgot to squat while eliminating

((meat, meat, meat ... noooooo!))

weekly visits to the vet have been spaced out to every 2 weeks - yay!

process: i schlep him down from the fourth floor in his (taxi)

to my car somewhere in a 2-3 block radius from my building. then i drive approximately 30 blocks amongst crazy brooklyn wackadoos that should never have gotten licensed.

i desperately search for parking near the office and finally park, then continue schlepping him into the office.

meat for meat


wheresmyscissors said...

I found you! I didn't know you had a blog!

Shimbi said...

neither did i! well, it's an old account... forgot i had it and then m&e did it and it jolted my memory but old files no longer available. so now i start fresh!! it's just a couple of weeks old.