Saturday, August 4, 2007

NJ Day Update


I picked up Edyta and took bqueue-fdr-hrd-gwb-46 and picked up Amy. A record 30 minute ride!

And so, we arrived earlier than expected, parked on the street ($0.25/hr for parking - this is magnificent) .

At chez Amy, I offered up a little whine/cramp-whine/whine while waiting for 11am to tick tock... *time marching*...

Then as elevenohclock-struck we went for grub at Nam San in Palisades Park, NJ. I needed to eat kalbi-jim being low on iron this week.

Edyta went the safe route with gopdol bibimbob and Amy had budechige. ~sorry, no pics of food~

Dudes!!! This all cost me $14.75!!! Sad for Rag Shop, euphoric for me. But, the day did not begin there....

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