Sunday, September 16, 2007

Tomato... SQUISH!

T&E reaped a bushel full of super ripe home grown tomatoes. I horned in on their breakfast which was fantastic and stuck around for the pre-sauce prep. E set up the tomato station after I ran home to pick up more ice for the ice bath. We made some treasure map markings (x marks the spot on the tomato). She popped them into boiling water and after 30 seconds plopped them into the ice bath. At which point, I not so delicately abused them by rendering them skinless. Meanwhile, mister tomas was debating whether to add garlic to 'the sweat' of onions or to add to the bottom of the pot... I hope this part of the process isn't a secret... :| and then, E and I picked up our paring knives again, and mutilated and squished the tomatoes to remove the tough stringy white center and ... the butt. Wish I had images... she does. I'll add later.

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